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SPRING/SUMMER EXHIBITION: HERE IS NOW - Aleksandar Avramovic, paintings and drawings.

Aleksandar Avramovic is a figurative painter and drawer, who graduated from La Cambre School of Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium. In his early years he followed the photo-realism movement and then evolved towards a figurative - yet more vivid and personal - genre. The notions of "freedom" and of "capturing the present" are the two inter-related precepts that form the cornerstones to his work. In the creative act as well as in the pictures themselves, the challenge consists of drawing the power of the moment to produce a unique work of art. Strength, charm, wonder…these are the emotions captured in the "here" and the "now" and that make up the spectacle and the particular world that Avramovic opens up to us.


HERE IS NOW - PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS BY ALEKSANDAR AVRAMOVIC. This new exhibition forms part of the ticket paying visit to the domain and runs through all summer until 26/08/2017. Limited edition prints of Avramovic's drawings are also on sale in our shop. Open Mondays through to Saturdays, 10 am to 5 pm. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.


HERE IS NOW - Paintings & Drawings


Aleksandar Avramović  

Exhibition from 29/04/2017 until 26/08/2017.