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SISTERS' ART is the outcome of a surprising and wonderful meeting that is as enigmatic as the eld of genetics : does it result from chance or fate? Four artists, four women. Two Frenchwomen, two Belgians. Two times two sisters, each time the second and the last of four female siblings. In each ‘pair’ of artists, one is a sculptress starting from clay and bronze, and the other favours paper for her paintings, engravings and collages. With each of them, an extra unexpected dimension is added by the development of textures. The human being, the body, the sketched shapes, the very essence of what we are, life and its movements : they have all been taken in and conveyed by four very different pairs of eyes that have achieved a harmonious dialogue through both contradiction and complicity. The exhibition forms part of the entry-paying access to the domain. Opens on Saturday, MAY 5TH. Closed on Sundays and on public holidays.

A brand new book about the Adornes Domain

THE ADORNES DOMAIN AND THE JERUSALEM CHAPEL IN BRUGES, A UNIQUE HERITAGE OF THE MIDDLE AGES, by Dr Véronique Lambert. The title of the book confirms that this historical site is not only an exceptional monument but also a heritage which encompasses the history of the Adornes lineage. And it was high time to extend the vision of the domain. This book does not just outline the Adornes period of the 15th and 16th century, but it also goes beyond with a timeline incorporating the de Draeck and the de Limburg Stirum lineage to this day. The history of the buildings, the renovation project and the successive re-affectations are also recounted with an additional focus on the principal artworks still present at the domain. It also includes a suggested “walking route” to discover the different places in the Bruges which relate to the Adornes family. Author and History professor, Véronique Lambert, is graced with the art of combining academic rigor with a lively and dynamic writing style which, together with attractive images, has produced a book which is a delight to read. From the passionate story of historical figures presented “warts and all”, the reader will discover a family legend, a Flemish town and a panoply of international power struggles that marked the 15th century. English, Dutch and English versions available. 112 pages, 22 x17 cm, soft cover with flaps. Edited by AUP (Amsterdam University Press). Available at the price of €17,50 € at the Adornes Domain shop and now in bookshops. Order a copy now at






Special late evening opening.

Experience the unique, mystical and distinctly medieval atmosphere of the Jerusalem Chapel & Adornes Domain lit up by night with hundreds of candles.

This special and enchanting event includes a reception in the Scottish Lounge and in the Verandah.

Drinks and finger food will be served throughout the evening.

Event ticket prices:

Entry + glass of Champagne & finger food - 17€

Entry + glass of wine & finger food - 14€

Entry + glass of Belgian beer / soft drink & finger food - 12€

Reservation not needed.